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So I recently came across several articles that talked about an interview between Shigeru Miyamoto and GameKult, a french gaming website. Here's one of those articles so you can see for yourself,…

Basically, GameKult held a poll on twitter on what nintendo franchise people miss most and the most votes went, to my surprise, F-Zero. When they revealed this to Miyamoto, even he was surprised. But to my dismay, his response was that he thought that people had grown weary of F-Zero and that he felt that the series hasn't evolved since its debut.

Like most people, I was rather displeased with his statement. I've read comments from people that were calling him out on how he felt that F-Zero hasn't evolved, and yet we see countless releases of mario games, zelda games, pokemon, etc. that don't really do anything new in their respective genres and I agreed with those people. There were also people that stated that the main reason he says this is that F-Zero doesn't sell and he doesn't want to admit it so he made that response, which makes sense.

 I mean, let's face it, of course we're gonna be seeing new iterations of Mario Kart on every new nintendo system till the end of time because that series makes millions for nintendo as well as their other mainstream franchises. Let's not forget that the last major F-Zero game, GX just didn't do well in sales. Anyone who's spent enough time with the game knows just how much resources went into it (theme songs for every character, animated movies for every character as well as story mode cutscenes, the amount of content the game had, etc.) it must have cost them a fortune to make it and distribute it. But the fact that GX and the two GBA games that came after it didn't sell well probably hurt them financially. Plus, I heard that the anime wasn't really that popular in Japan so that was another blow. So based on Miyamoto's response, it doesn't seem that a new F-Zero game is in the works or was even planned and Nintendo just wants to play it safe and not risk a huge investment into something that will probably not make them a profit in return. Well, they are a company after all and their primary concern is to make money so I can understand that and I guess this means that I won't be getting a WiiU anytime soon. I skipped out on the Wii and I felt that I didn't really miss much so, yeah. Anyway, good luck with whatever you do with the WiiU Nintendo and know that the only thing that will get me to buy a WiiU is a new F-Zero game with an online mode.

On a lighter note, i've seen Wreck it Ralph and I really, really like it!
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PortableNetworkGraph Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Miyamoto`s toughts are pretty dissapointing, the release of the wiiu would have been more than perfect for a new f-zero game

if they could have released it at launch, f zero would shine it the spotlightes, making it more populair again, if the could impres the gamers with an amazing racer as f zero again, there is no way it could perform bad on sales

too bad ther wasted the oppertunity with the wiiu
BurgerKiller Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
That's what baffles me. They keep toting the WiiU as this really powerful system that will win back the hardcore crowd and I feel that F-Zero would be a really good way to show off what the WiiU could do, and what do we get? Nintendo land.
PortableNetworkGraph Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
indeed, they should stop making any more `new super mario bros` games, and release some hardcore f zero, metroid, starfox etc... just things we havent seen in a while
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November 6, 2012